Cornerstone Mortgage Group

About Us

Cornerstone Mortgage Group, LLC. is an Atlanta, GA based mortgage company that separates itself from the competition through its high quality service. Our mission is to provide ‘Raving Fan’ customer service in every aspect of the lending experience.  Our company is considered mid-sized which means we have the resources of a large lender but not the feel of a big lender that is simply too big to care. We build long term relationships with each of our customers and business partners and give them the personal attention they deserve.   We guarantee
our customers the best interest rates available in the marketplace while also ensuring our loans close in a timely manner.  Listed below are some of the value added services that make us different from other mortgage companies:

Value Added Customer Service

-Honesty and Realistic Expectations – We believe that perception is reality so we are always honest and upfront with our customers to ensure that everyone’s expectations are met from the beginning to the end.

-No Application Fee – Call us today to get pre-qualified for a loan. There is absolutely no obligation and we can have your options available in as little as five minutes. 

-Guaranteed Closing Cost – We guarantee our closing cost on our good faith estimates. You don’t have to worry about any unexpected changes at the closing table. If you do find that one of our fees is more than you were quoted, please let us know and we will match our original quote in addition to giving you a $100 credit towards closing cost.

-24 Hour Call Back – The biggest complaint we hear in our industry is that loan officers don’t return phone calls quickly enough so we have implemented a mandatory 24 hour call back policy for all of our staff.

-On-time Closings – Another complaint about mortgage companies is that they are not able to close their loans within the timeframe set up-front. We have developed alliances with all of our lenders that allow us to ensure that our closing deadlines are met.

-H.U.D. Settlement Statements provided 24 Hours before Closings – We provide a completed HUD Settlement Statement (a.k.a. closing statement) to our clients 24 hours prior to their closing to ensure that all the terms of the loan are correct and to ensure that any mistakes can be corrected prior to the closing.

-Attend All Closings – Our loan officers attend all closings within a 30 mile radius of our office to ensure that any issues that may arise can be addressed immediately. However, in our experience this is usually a way for us to shake everyone’s hand for a job well done!

Value Added Flexibility

-Turn-key In House Processing – All of our loan processing is done in-house to create efficiencies. Our average loan closes in 7-10 business days once we receive all the requested documentation.

-20+ Established Lenders – We have developed alliances with over 20 of the nation’s top lenders that allow us to provide customers in every situation the ability to obtain a loan.

-Competitive Rates – We are able to ensure that we are offering the most competitive rates in the market because we have multiple investors we do business with. We are not constrained by one set of programs or guidelines so it allows us to ensure our customer is always getting the best rate available for their situation.

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